Flags from the countries of all teams who've competed at RoboGames/ROBOlympics.

Buy DVDs of RoboGames 2015 - Staring Grant Imahara!

In April 2015, RoboGames held the 11th annual world championship of robots with over 700 robots from around the world competing for gold, silver, and bronze medals (far from an underground event). There's nothing more exciting than seeing a RoboGames event live, but if you couldn't be there, you can still see all the heavyweight combat action.

Hosted by Grant Imahara and Kiki Sanford, you'll get to look at more fights and deeper interviews with the contestants who build them. The disc has over 40 fights, with best teams from the US, Canada, the UK, and Brazil fighting for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Contestants include people you know like Ray Billings, Matt Maxham, and Curt Meyers, as well as teams from around the world you've never seen before, including those crazy Brazilians!

Prices will go up $5 once the sets are finished, so pre-order and save!

Item     Cost  Buy
Pre-Order DVD $30
Pre-Order BluRay $35

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