Flags from the countries of all teams who've competed at RoboGames/ROBOlympics.

Videos from ROBOlympics/RoboGames

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There are also several excellent event descriptions with photos here.

GSN - Games Across America

Power Tech Builders

CurrentTV - VCC

ESPN - Sports Center

Travel Ch - Extreme Competitions

CNN - Live from CNN

c|net - news

c|net - News.com

Music/Combat Video

All events Video

Geeks Are Sexy

KTVU - News

Electric Playground

BBC - Technology News

ABC - MoneyScope

NBC - NBC News

TechTV - Tech Live

Discovery - Monster Nation

G4 - Attack of the Show

NBC - NBC News

CBS - News at Ten

ABC - Good Morning Texas

KRON - Six o'Clock News

CBS - Evening Magazine

Fox - Ten o'Clock News

Fox - News at 5

ABC - Tech Bytes

Fox - Fox News

ABC - KGO News

ABC - World News Now

CBS - CBS Morning News

CBS - CSI-Las Vegas
(Shot using our arena)

Revision3 - Pop Siren

PodTech - LunchMeet

Blip.tv - GET

Blip.tv - GET

RocketBoom - Art Robots

Make - Combat

Make - Androids

Make - Snake Robot

VBS - Gioser
(in Spanish)

Hechos TV
(in Spanish)

Globo - Espaco Aberto Ciencia
(in Portugese)

Globo - Espaco Aberto Ciencia
(in Portugese)

Globo - Fantastico
(in Portugese)

(in Spanish)

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