RoboGames Sponsorship Opportunities

In the realm of athletics, the Olympics is a coveted sponsorship opportunity. In robotics, that coveted opportunity is RoboGames.

Apr 27-29, 2018, the San Francisco Bay Area will host the Annual International RoboGames.

“The World's Largest Robot Competition” - Guinness Book of World Records
“RoboGames one of the "The Best Ten North American Geek Fests” -Wired magazine
“Top Ten Plays of the Day” - ESPN's SportsCenter
“Fighting robots are not going to go away” - New York Times
The three-day event features over fifteen thousand attendees, including thousands of competitors from around the world who compete in over 70 robot events. It includes family-friendly attractions, exhibits and demonstrations by the leading robotics industry designers, engineers, and artists.

The excitement and popularity of RoboGames means millions of eyeballs on your brand. During the event, fans fill the stands and news organizations from around the world cover the event, aligning your brand with an exciting, cutting edge experience that connects to a variety of demographics, including families with children, males 18-45, and young tech professionals with discerning taste, high brand loyalty, and a higher than average income.

As a RoboGames sponsor, your brand gets an inside track to the heart of the emerging robotics field, a field that is about to come into its own as the next technological revolution.

With a variety of multi-channel promotional opportunities before, during and after the event, sponsorship allows your brand to tell its story to our audience throughout the year. Sponsor packages include blog, Twitter feeds, email, web site, satellite events, and print/collateral options.

As Robogames exhibitor, you can present your brand's story personally to attendees, allowing you to make experiential connections with new and existing customers, as well as a steady stream of product sales during the event.

Take this opportunity to become a part of the community at this year's event. Sponsorship for RoboGames is flexible and collaborative. We're happy to work with you to build a sponsorship package that meets your brand's needs.

Opportunities Available:

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