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Robotics is becoming the new lifestyle sport of the thinking age. The Renaissance had classical music, we have hi-powered DC motors. RoboGames is the channel by which it becomes validated and showcased to an audience both young and old. An audience with both a voice and a higher than average disposable income.

Sponsoring RoboGames gives your company innumerable benefits, however three stand out:

  1. Give your company international exposure and recognition. With banners, stickers, t-shirts and other branding options, your company becomes part of the RoboGames experience. Your logo gets shown in both our paid advertising as well as in all of the news photos and TV coverage taken at the event - exposure that is worth far more than the costs of sponsorship.
  2. Sponsoring the sport helps to advance and legitimize engineering competitions, which in turn makes more young people want to continue their education. It gives them heroes other than athletes (creators and inventors) and excites them about careers in engineering. These events cost competitors significantly more than most sporting events, as competitors have to design, buy materials, and build robots for the event. And after each event, they have to repair and rebuild! Your sponsorship donation also helps fund competitor travel so they can get to the event!
  3. RoboGames is a gateway to innovative collaboration among the greatest undiscovered technological minds of the age. Tomorrow's inventors, visionaries, businesspeople and the trends and contributions to science and industry they produce use RoboGames as their sounding board and their playground. Witness the beginning of technological marvels and sweeping changes to the culture, while taking advantage of the lucrative opportunities for your company's advancement. RoboGames is not so different from Silicon Valley in the 1980s!
Last's year's event received coverage from Vietnam to Europe and everywhere in between. CNN, Fox Sports, Radio Toyota, the BBC, Wired, USA Today, Discovery Channel, all 4 networks, and many more news agencies showed up!

Sponsorship comes in many levels, but they all include significant presence in RoboGames print materials, web space, press releases, and day-of-event presence. Sponsorship packages are custom designed to meet corporate marketing and public relations goals - we're happy to modify them to suit your needs.

All sponsorship packages are custom-designed to delivers you a premier level of benefits and marketing exposure during one of the most highly anticipated events in robot history! Some ideas for your package:

All donations are tax deductible.

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