Walker Challenge

Name of Event: Walker Challenge
Robots per Event: One
Length of Event: 3 minutes maximum
Robot Weight Range: No limit
Robot Dimensions: 1m long by 1m wide (3.28 ft x 3.28 ft), any height
Arena Specifications: 1 meter wide, 3 meter long area covered with a variety of objects ranging in size, shape and consistency, no object being greater than 5cm in height. The exit of the arena shall consist of a two-step staircase, each step being 4cm tall and 125cm long, with an 8cm drop at the back.
Robot Control: Autonomous
Engineering Principles: Mechanical Engineering
Event Summary: A four- or six-legged robot must quickly navigate over a pile of trash in a race for top speed.

The term 'Walker' is defined for this competition as any robot that uses a reciprocal linear mechanism for locomotion. If this mechanism is driven by a rotary motor, reversal of the direction of the mechanism (as required for up/down or forward/back motion) must require reversal of the motor. In addition, the actuator in contact with the floor must move backwards and forwards with respect to center of gravity of the robot.

The robot, once activated, has three minutes to traverse the obstacle course. The robot with the shortest time, measured when any part of the robot crosses the finish line, shall win. If no robot completes the course, the robot covering the most distance shall be deemed the winner.