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LEGO Tube Push

Name of Event: LEGO Tube Push
Robots per Event: One
Length of Event: 1 minute maximum
Robot Weight Range: Any
Robot Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 12". The robot may expand after starting.
Arena Specifications: 48" x 48"
Robot Control: Autonomous
Engineering Principles: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science
Event Summary: Robots are programmed to find as many small tubes as possible in the event arena and move them onto a designated target area.
Arena Specifications: The area is 4' x 4' square surrounded by walls made of 1" x 4" boards (slightly decreasing the arena area). The floor of the area is a smooth brown or white surface. Three more walls are attached inside to form a very simple maze. Black electrical tape marks the start and target areas. Walls and seven paper tubes are placed in a grid as shown in the diagram. The tubes are common toilet paper tubes (4.5" high, 1.75" diameter). Note the wall arrangement may be different from previous years.

The objective is to pick up, move, and/or knock down the tubes. The robot must start completely within the 12" x 16" starting area. Once activated, the robot must operate without any human guidance.

Scoring: The robot is stopped and points are awarded at the end of one minute as follows:

In Target
Moved (but
not in target)
On Robot
Robot 30 5 -
Tube Vertical 10 2 +5
Tube Not Vertical 5 1 +5

"On Robot" means the tube is supported by the robot not touching the arena. Maximum score: 135 points.

Sensor and parts limitations: Only one MindStorms brain, 4 motors, and 4 sensors may be used per entry. Only unmodified LEGO and HiTechnic brand parts, motors and sensors available directly from LEGO or LEGO Education are allowed. Third party manufactured parts are not allowed.

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