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LEGO Line Follow

Name of Event: LEGO Line Following
Robots per Event: One
Length of Event: 1 minute maximum
Robot Weight Range: Any
Robot Dimensions: maximum 12" x 12" x 12".
Arena Specifications: 48" x 48"
Robot Control: Autonomous
Engineering Principles: Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering
Event Summary: LEGO Robots are programmed to following a black line on white paper. Fastest time wins.

The area is 4' x 4' square with a white painted or paper surface. 3/4" black electrical tape marks a track leading from the start to end locations. The start and end locations are each marked by a 2" x 2" square of aluminum foil or foil tape. The course will not be exactly as shown in the diagram below. The track will consist of connected straight segments. No part of the track will be within 6" of the area edge or within 6" of other portions of the track. No angle between adjacent segments will less than 135 degrees (i.e. the turns will at most 45 degrees) and no segment will be shorter than 4 inches. (Expect some overlap of the tape between segments.) Contestants will be given an opportunity to calibrate their robots to the brightness of the arena surface.

Contestants will be given an opportunity to calibrate their robots to the brightness of the arena surface.

The objective is to follow the track from start to end in the shortest amount of time. Once activated, the robot must operate without any human guidance. The robot must begin with some portion over the start square, traverse over each of the segments in order, and finish over the end square.

Scoring: The base score is the time from when the robot is started until it reaches the end square. A bonus of 10% of the base score is subtracted if the robot shuts itself off automatically when it reaches the end square. The robot with the lowest score wins.

Sensor and parts limitations: Only one MindStorms brain, 4 motors, and 4 sensors may be used per entry. Only unmodified LEGO and HiTechnic brand parts, motors and sensors available directly from LEGO or LEGO Education are allowed. Third party manufactured parts are not allowed.

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