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BiPed Race Rules

Name of Event: Biped (android) race
Robots per Event: 1
Length of Event: 3 minutes max
Robot Weight Range: None
Robot Dimensions: 3 classes: under 60cm (24"); 60cm-120cm (24-48"); 120.1cm and up (48"+)
Arena Specifications: 2 meters (6.6') long for 2 small classes. 3 meters (9.8') for largest class.
Robot Control: Autonomous or R/C
Engineering Principles: Motion Control, Gait, Proprioception, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Event Summary: Classic foot race. Robots have to run at the sound of the starting gun. Fastest robot wins.
Event Rules:  Bipeds must have only two legs for this competition. Feet may be no longer than 1/5 of total robot height. Robot must a reciprocal linear mechanism for locomotion. If this mechanism is driven by a rotary motor, reversal of the direction of the mechanism (as required for up/down or forward/back motion) must require reversal of the motor. In addition, the actuator in contact with the floor must move backwards and forwards with respect to center of gravity of the robot. CamBots are precluded.

Robots race from starting line to finish line. Number of robots per race will be determined by total number of entrants. Fastest time wins.

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