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BEAM Speeder Challenge

Name of Event: BEAM Speeder
Robots per Event: One
Length of Event: 1 minute maximum
Robot Weight Range: Any
Robot Dimensions: 18 cm x 18cm, any height
Arena Specifications: 2m long
Robot Control: Autonomous
Engineering Principles: Electrical engineering
Event Summary: Solar powered robots (with no battery backup) must rush from point to point, with the fastest robot winning. The robots have no digital circuits or programming, and exhibit their behavior due to analog circuit design.

The SolarSpeeder is meant to be an introduction to building BEAM robots. The SolarSpeeder teaches the fundamental skills needed for more advanced designs. This competition encourages the builder to make sure the electronics are working properly, and more importantly, make sure the SolarSpeeder is mechanically sound.

A standard, stock SolarSpeeder should be able to cover 2 meter distance. With some careful tweaking, you should be able to aim it with some degree of accuracy, and get it as close to the target as possible.

The Racing Platform:
The racing platform can be any surface, measuring 2m long. The starting and finishing lines are measured 10cm off the ends of the sheet. So total race course is 180cm.

Lighting for the racing platform will be provided by any available source of light, being either natural sunlight, halogen lamps, or a combination of the two.

SolarSpeeder - The Race:
Competitors will race consecutively, with all the SolarSpeeders starting at or behind the starting line on roughly the same point. Each competitor will aim their own SolarSpeeder towards the finish line, and when given the signal, will release it and leave it to self-activate. After it finishes its run, the SolarSpeeders' time will be recorded.

Each competitor will be able to run their SolarSpeeder three times, and the best run used for determining the winner.

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