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ArtBot - Kinetic

Name of Event: ArtBot - Kinetic
Robots per Event: One
Length of Event: No limit
Robot Weight Range: No limit
Robot Dimensions: No limit
Arena Specifications: N/A
Robot Control: Remote Control or Autonomous
Engineering Principles: Art, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering
Event Summary: A kinetic art bot is any mechanical device that has at least one moving part. A kinetic art bot performs no useful function other than entertaining the viewer.

Interactivity is allowed but is not a requirement. This competition will be scored based on:

  • Aesthetics - Does it look good?
  • Attractiveness of movement - Does its motion look good?
  • Functional completeness - Does this bot require a human handler or can it run completely on its own?

Scoring will be done by three judges on a scale of 1 to 10.

Space will be provided behind a cordon that these robots will be able to operate throughout the day without fear of being touched by the general public.

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