Flags from the countries of all teams who've competed at RoboGames/ROBOlympics.

Hi-res RoboGames/ROBOlympics Photos from Previous Events

Below are a sample of the many tens of thousands of photos we have from previous RoboGames events. All photos copyright, ComBots, LLC. If you wish to use these photos in your articles or elsewhere, please contact us for permission. We're pretty easy going, we just require that you ask permission for publishing and use, that the listed photographer is given credit, and there's a link back to RoboGames.net.

If you're a publisher looking for more photos than the below, we will try to accommodate most requests. If the below photos don't meet your need, we do have many thousands of photos not shown here. Please email us at and we will try to get you a more content specific photo within a reasonable time. It isn't possible to give unique photos to all requestors, but we do our best.

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Best Of Photos

"Last Rites" delivers a lethal hit against "VD6" for a knockout in a heavyweight combat prelim round.

-Dave Schumaker (4288x2848)

Team USA hopes for a gold in soccer.

-Sam Coniglio (3008x2000)

Nick Donaldson of England ("the Michael Phelps of robots")
  accepts another medal.

-Sam Coniglio (1821x1764)

An audience member is entranced by robot dance moves.

-Dave Schumaker (2619x1816)

Justin Billings (USA)
  is congratulated by Eduardo Ristow (Brazil)
  on his semi-final win in the heavyweight combat round.

-Alan Musselman (4320x2868)

Nemo Gould's cat robot shows its teeth.

-Sam Coniglio (3008x2000)

A chess-playing robot tries for the win while an adoring fan watches.

-Dave Schumaker (4288x2848)

A robomagellan robot can self-navigate through an outdoor course to find a hidden orange cone.

-Daniel Craig (1600x1071)

Under the hood of a custom combat robot.

-Scott Beale (3769x2466)

Ace pilots have no fear of other robots!

-Sam Coniglio (1878x1286)

Brazilian Daniel Freitas learns he's won the gold.

-Sam Coniglio (2367x1918)

"Angry Asp" heats things up for "VD5" early in a middle-weight match.

-Dave Schumaker (4288x2848)

The audience is thrilled, shocked, and awed as heavyweight "Sewer Snake" knocks "Counter Revolution" out of the ring.

-Dave Schumaker (3063x2001)

Quick work between fights.

-Sam Coniglio (1500x1000)
Androids & Soccer

Boxing robots smash each other.

-Sam Coniglio (3008x2000)

HotShot the robot talks to a fan.

-Sam Coniglio (3008x2000)

The Korean soccer team from Robotis mugs for the camera.

-Alan Musselman (2925x2866)

A Korean robot builder admires his creation.

-Sam Coniglio (1066x1017)

Father/son team Rob and Chris Farrell took gold and silver medals, while India took bronze.

-Sam Coniglio (1149x866)

Luis Renya shows off his gold medal winning robot to Mexican president Felipe Calderon after the Games. Now that's respect!

-Luis Reyna (1200x801)

Rodi Hartono, gold medal winner, shows off his robot to President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono


Contestants as young as 7 compete and win at RoboGames.

-Alan Musselman (2717x2858)

An incredible number of humans and robots from around the world attend RoboGames.

-Sam Coniglio (2722x920)

A lighter moment during the halftime event.

-Ariel Zambelich (1200x1197)

An artist with his creation.

-Mark Warmus (1647x2024)

Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters confers before a robot event.

-Sam Coniglio (1855x2376)

Zou Ren Ti of China sits with his replicant.

-Sam Coniglio (3008x2000)

A closeup of contestants.

-Sam Coniglio (2692x1876)

It's standing room only for the combat matches.

-Dave Schumaker (4288x2848)

Husband/Wife team Matt & Wendy Maxham show off their bots.

-Sam Coniglio (2352x1715)
Art Bots

Artbot "Farad" shows some style.

-Scott Beale (2336x3504)

Gold medal winner "iLush," a bartending robot, can mix you up a wide variety of tasty cocktails.

-Alan Musselman (3089x2868)

"The Flu Virus" won a gold medal for its walking ability.

-Alan Musselman (1505x1621)
Other Robots

Kids show interest in the sumo robots.

-Ariel Zambelich (2705x1831)

Two sumo robots are at a stand-still in a mini-sumo qualifying round.

-Dave Schumaker (3317x2346)
Multi-medal winner Tony Pratkanis watches his fire fighting robot.
-Ariel Zambelich (2355x1917)

Gold medal winning fire-fighting robot "DU-114" rests after winning the gold medal.

-Alan Musselman (2012x1382)

Team Brazil's hockey bots wait for the start of the match.

-Dave Schumaker (3021x1921)

Everyone's favorite robot enjoys the games, while kids chase him for an autograph.

-Alan Musselman (1834x1377)

"ERP" shows off before taking home a gold and silver medal.

-Alan Musselman (1087x1136)

Monty Reed jumps around without using his legs.

-Sam Coniglio (1189x1669)

Alex Sulkhoski is aided in weight lifiting with his Tetsujin suit.

-Quinne Norton (2570x1821)

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