Photos from RoboGames 2009

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Photo Credits: Sam Coniglio, Daniel Craig, Alan Musselman, Stev Putz, Jodie Reynolds, Luis Reyna, Dave Schumaker, and Magnus Wurzer

Gold medal winner "iLush," a bartending robot, can mix you up a wide variety of tasty cocktails.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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3089 x 2868
"The Flu Virus" won a gold medal for its walking ability.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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1505 x 1621
One of the "Orb Swarm" robots roams the venue.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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1409 x 2033
These artbots are keeping an eye on you.

Photo by Magnus Wurzer
1760.58 Kb
1868 x 2828
A chess-playing robot tries for the win while an adoring fan watches.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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4288 x 2848
"Angry Asp" heats things up for "VD5" early in a middle-weight match.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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4288 x 2848
"Angry Asp" is sent flying by opponent "VD5". VD5 won the match.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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3235 x 2345
The audience is thrilled, shocked, and awed as heavyweight "Sewer Snake" knocks "Counter Revolution" out of the ring.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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3063 x 2001
Team Brazil's hockey bots wait for the start of the match.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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3021 x 1921
The youngest member of Team Hawg trains with his hockey bot.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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1907 x 2870
The bronze medal winning "ACYUT" robot from India gets ready for a match.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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1828 x 2135
Silver Medal winning "Kai" stands 2 feet tall.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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1785 x 2361
The Korean soccer team from Robotis mugs for the camera.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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2925 x 2866
A junior league contestant puts his LEGO Mindstorms robot through its paces.

Photo by Steve Putz
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1280 x 960
A LEGO Mindstorms bot hopes for greatness.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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2136 x 3216
Junior League contestants re-program their autonomous LEGO Mindstorms bots in preparation for another match.

Photo by Steve Putz
613.62 Kb
1280 x 960
The gold-medal match between cannon-firing MechWarrior's "Issy dunyet" and "Bheka." Issy took the gold.

Photo by Jodi Reynolds
739.55 Kb
2432 x 1603
Nick Donaldson of Winchester, England -"the Michael Phelps of robots" - accepts the third of an eventual five medals, winning medals in every event in which he competed.

Photo by Sam Coniglio
737.85 Kb
1821 x 1764
The fire-fighting winners show off their medals: "DU-114" by Rodi Hartono of Indonesia upset four-time gold medalist Tony Pratkanis (USA) to take the gold this year.

Photo by Sam Coniglio
1267.44 Kb
2974 x 1713
Father/son team Rob and Chris Farrell took gold and silver respectively in humanoid kung-fu (middlewight), to beat out India's "ACYUT," which took bronze.

Photo by Sam Coniglio
375.27 Kb
1149 x 866
Contestants as young as 7 compete and win at RoboGames.

Photo by Alan Musselman
1247.13 Kb
2717 x 2858
Tony Ohm is congratulated on his win in the lightweight Humanoid Kung-Fu medal ceremony.

Photo by Sam Coniglio
740.08 Kb
1876 x 1883
Gold medal winning fire-fighting robot "DU-114" rests after winning the gold medal.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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2012 x 1382
Everyone's favorite robot enjoys the games, while kids chase him for an autograph.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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1834 x 1377
"ERP" shows off before taking home a gold and silver medal.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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1087 x 1136
Team Brazil makes some quick repairs on their hockeybots before their match against the US team.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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3745 x 2510
Everybody needs to take time for a recharge at RoboGames.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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1428 x 2106
Justin Billings (USA) is congratulated by Eduardo Ristow (Brazil) on his semi-final win in the heavyweight combat round.

Photo by Alan Musselman
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4320 x 2868
It's standing room only for the combat matches.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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4288 x 2848
Luis Renya shows off his gold medal winning robot to Mexican president Felipe Calderon after the Games. Now that's respect!

Photo by Luis Reyna
243.47 Kb
1200 x 801
A robomagellan robot can self-navigate through an outdoor course to find a hidden orange cone.

Photo by Daniel Craigo
357.59 Kb
1600 x 1071
A huge crowd gather to watch the 500g sumo robot final round.

Photo by Alan Musselman
1360.64 Kb
3328 x 1916
Two sumo robots are at a stand-still in a mini-sumo qualifying round.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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3317 x 2346
Ben Thurman and Gary Gin look reserved just before their heavyweight final match between "Last Rites" and "Original Sin." Original Sin eventually won to take the gold medal.

Photo by Alan Musselman
720.15 Kb
1826 x 1786
An audience member is entranced by the dance moves of the Korean humanoid team.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
964.19 Kb
2619 x 1816
"Last Rites" delivers a lethal hit against "VD6" for a knockout in a heavyweight combat prelim round.

Photo by Dave Schumaker
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4288 x 2848